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He is risen - Instant Download

He is risen - Instant Download

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Note: Upon purchase, you will receive a digital file containing printable posters in 7 different sizes.

Delivery: • Immediate download system. • Important note: This is a virtual item; no tangible product will be shipped.


Introduce a sense of peace with "Printable of Divine Harmony," a minimalist beige oil-styled Christian painting available for instant digital download. This artwork blends spiritual symbolism with modern design, offering a tranquil addition to any home.

Why You'll Love It:

With its high-resolution and serene color palette, this digital print brings an abstract touch of faith into your space. It's a versatile piece that can be personalized to fit your decor and makes for a thoughtful gift. The instant download means no waiting to enjoy this beautiful expression of spirituality.

    Make It Yours: With your purchase, you'll gain immediate access to a high-resolution digital file, ready to bring a touch of grace to your environment with no need to wait.

    Please Remember: The appearance of colors may vary between screens and printers. This artwork is crafted for personal reflection and inspiration and is not intended for commercial use.

    Our Abstract Cross Print bridges the gap between contemporary art and enduring faith, offering an emblem of spirituality for today's world.


    • Sizes included:

    ✨ 2x3 ratio:
    In Inches | In Centimeters:
    4x6 | 10.16x15.24
    6x9 | 15.24x22.86
    8x12 | 20.32x30.48
    10x15 | 25.4x38.1
    12x18 | 30.48x45.72
    16x24 | 40.64x60.96
    20x30 | 50.8x76.2
    24x36 | 60.96x91.44

    ✨ 3x4 ratio:
    In Inches | In Centimeters:
    3x4 | 7.62x10.16
    6x8 | 15.24x20.32
    9x12 | 22.86x30.48
    12x16 | 30.48x40.64
    15x20 | 38.1x50.8
    18x24 | 45.72x60.96
    21x28 | 53.34x71.12
    24x32 | 60.96x81.28

    ✨ 4x5 ratio:
    In Inches | In Centimeters:
    4x5 | 10.16x12.7
    8x10 | 20.32x25.4
    12x15 | 30.48x38.1
    16x20 | 40.64x50.8
    20x25 | 50.8x63.5
    24x30 | 60.96x76.2
    28x35 | 71.12x88.9
    32x40 | 81.28x101.6

    ✨ 11:14 ratio:
    In Inches | In Centimeters:
    11x14 | 27.94x35.56
    22x28 | 55.88x71.12
    33x42 | 83.82x106.68

    ✨ 1:1 ratio:
    In Inches | In Centimeters:
    4x4 | 10.16x10.16
    5x5 | 12.7x12.7
    6x6 | 15.24x15.24
    8x8 | 20.32x20.32
    10x10 | 25.4x25.4
    12x12 | 30.48x30.48
    16x16 | 40.64x40.64
    20x20 | 50.8x50.8
    24x24 | 60.96x60.96

    ✨ International Sizes:

    Inches : 5x7 | 10x14 | 15x21 | 20x28

    ISO ratio (International Standard Size):
    A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1


    • Immediate download system.
    • An important note: This is a virtual item; no tangible product will be shipped.


    Immediate Access: Post-purchase, your digital artwork will be ready for instant access.


    Personal Touch: Wonky Wonder creations are exclusively for individual enjoyment and mustn't be used commercially or for resale.
    Your satisfaction is our priority. For inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out.

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